Delivery Information

Prices in the price list are EUR based net.
Normal ordering process is the following: 
1. Client places order via e-mail or web.
2. Euro-Clear Ltd. . sends a Proforma Invoice as a document of order confirmation. 
3. Client transfer amount standing on Proforma Invoice to the bank account of  Watertreatment-Online s.r.o..
Without any transfer, the Proforma Invoice will be cancelled automatically from our system. 
4. Euro-Clear Ltd. prepares ordered goods approx. 72 hours after money transfer has arrived to account. 
5. Euro-Clear Ltd. ships the ordered goods to the destinated address. 
Basically Euro-Clear Ltd. gives EUR based invoice.
Prices in this ProForma Invoice are valid with the condition that buyer bears banking charges arisen in connection with money transfer. When preparing money transfer buyer has to choose "OUR" option. 
Any underpayment to Euro-Clear Ltd.arisen from choosing orher money transfer options than "OUR" will be registered as claim of  Euro-Clear Ltd..
Euro-Clear Ltd. owns the right of the technical changes. The items can be different from the pictures.

Transit Times

Country Days
Poland 2
Germany 3
Belgium 3
Netherlands 3
Denmark 3
San Marino 3
Italy 3-4
France 3-4
Monaco 4
Great Britain 4-5
Ireland 5
Lithuania 3
Latvia 4
Estonia 5
Norway 4-7
Sweden 4-7
Finland 5-7